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asked questions

* As we just launched STEEP, it's not really that frequent. To be fully honest, some questions havn't even been asked yet. But we really do believe that it's going to happen. At some point.

Who are using STEEP?

Marketing agencies, creative directors, in-house marketing departments, creative individuals, motion designers. The list goes on. Inspiration for the vertical format have been in short supply and we are here to change that.

Will more stories be added to STEEP?

We intend to keep adding more content to the platform. However, we are currently a small team, so our efforts to frequently update and improve the platform is going to depend on the interest towards STEEP.

Can I submit my own inspirational stories to STEEP?

Most definitely – any suggestions for content are welcome! Simply share your suggestions directly to STEEP.DESIGN on Instagram. Note that we are very careful about what goes on STEEP, so we do take the right to reject suggestions.

Will STEEP be supported on mobile as well?

For now, the primary focus is to deliver a smooth experience for desktop users.

How do I get my story removed from STEEP?

Any requests for having stories removed on STEEP will be handled both seriously and quickly. Simply send us an email to Note that you need to represent the company that is behind the story that you want removed.

How do I get in touch?

You can contact us through email at