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10 Best Examples of Instagram Stories in the Fashion industry.

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December 6, 2022
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If you're ever feeling uninspired by your Instagram Stories, take a scroll through this list of the best examples from the fashion industry. From high-end brands to more affordable labels, there's bound to be something that catches your eye and gets those creative juices flowing. So what are you waiting for? Get scrolling!

1. Keep it simple like COS, RAINS and Saye

You have probably heard before that you should make your content shorter, simpler, and more straightforward. This is because people won’t read long and complicated texts. Sadly, this is the reality for most of us. We are constantly battling with attention spans getting shorter every day. People don’t read as much as they used to and we need to adapt to the new reading habits of our audience. Today we will discover how making your content very simple can improve your marketing efforts and even boost conversions. Why? Because people will read it!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then why not use visuals to convey our message instead of a couple of paragraphs? It’s because images are easier and faster to process than words – especially when they are accompanied by captions or other textual elements that explain what they mean.

2. Embrace retro vibes like GUCCI, Calvin Klein and LEVI’S

There's something about the visual style of retro and nostalgia that is particularly good for advertising. Maybe it's because it reminds us of a simpler time, or maybe it's because it evokes positive emotions. Whatever the reason, using retro visuals in your advertising can be a great way to connect with your audience and create a positive emotional response. So if you're looking for a way to stand out from the competition and capture your audience's attention, consider using retro visuals in your next advertising campaign.


3. Use impactful music like BOSS and A Day's March

As any Instagram user knows, music and sound can be a great way to add interest and engagement to your videos. Research has shown that using good music and sound can help to increase viewer attention and retention, as well as create a more positive emotional response. In addition, music and sound can also help to set the tone and atmosphere of your video, making it more visually appealing. Therefore, if you're looking to make your Instagram videos more engaging and successful, be sure to use good music and sound.

4. Use quick transitions between shots like Nude Project and ARMEDANGELS

As any video editor knows, the key to creating an engaging video is to keep the viewer's attention focused on the action. One way to do this is to keep the cuts quick and the transitions smooth. By rapidly moving from one scene to the next, you can create a sense of urgency and excitement that will keep viewers hooked. At the same time, it's important to avoid jarring transitions that can disrupt the flow of the video. A well-edited video should feel like a single continuous shot, even if it's actually made up of dozens of individual clips. By paying attention to the pace of your edits, you can ensure that your videos are always engaging and enjoyable to watch.

5. Use the vertical layout to your advantage like Organic Basics and Arket

As anyone who has tried to create an engaging Instagram story can attest, layout is everything. The right layout can make your story pop, while the wrong one can leave it feeling flat and uninspired. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips that can help you find the perfect layout for your next story. First, think about the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want something clean and minimalist, or are you going for something more playful and fun? Once you have a general idea in mind, it's time to start experimenting with different layouts. Try out a few different options and see how they look on your screen. Don't be afraid to mix and match elements from different layouts until you find something that feels just right. With a little trial and error, you'll be creating Instagram stories that are sure to impress.

Key takeaways

  • Keep your content simple to improve marketing efforts and boost conversions.
  • Try using retro visuals and quick transitions.
  • Experiment and use the vertical layout to your advantage
  • Use good music and sound to increase viewer attention and retention.


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