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Creative, edgy and trendsetting concepts from both young and established brands like PRADA, Calvin Klein, Balenciaga, CDLP, Weekday, Zalando...


Engaging, playful and vivid illustrations from Headspace, Google, McDonalds, Semrush, Spotify, Dropbox...


Uncomplicated, minimalistic and feasible concepts and layouts from Organic Basics, Squarespace, New York Times, COS, Square, Dropbox Airbnb...


A revival of grain, VHS-effects and a strong sense of nostalgia from Glossier, Bonnie Clyde, Calvin Klein, Xbox, KFC, Woodbird, Nike...


Products, scenes and and eye-catching abstract renders from Shopify, Bang&Olufsen, Fiverr, Adidas, Omega, AMD. Logitech, Burberry...


Bold, creative, animated and bespoke use of typography from IKEA, Spotify, Twitch, WeTransfer, Uber, Skillshare...


Authentic, direct and effective stories told by actual people from Samsung, DedCool, Asana, Estrid, Nike, Momement, Skillshare...


Shiny watches, glamorous necklaces and silver rings from Pandora, Bulgari, IX Studios, PDPAOLA, Brilliant Earth...

Food & Beverage

Thirst-quenching beers, lightning-fast delivery services and exploding icecream from Oreo, Baileys, Frisko, Chiptole, 1964 Blanc, Chick-fil-a...


Thin, wide, classy and plain cool story concepts from Ralph Lauren, Chimi Eyewear, Rayban, Raen, Bonnie Clyde, Raem, Afends..

Consumer Electronics

Flying speakers, sleek phones and futuristic gadgets from Sony, Sonos, Steelseries, Samsung, Miele, Fellow and OPPO...